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Earn money and build leads at the same time!!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Would you like to lease ad space for your offer and make money?

I need traffic >>>

Welcome to Laptop Lifestyle Blog post. Yeah... This program is a very affordable but yet affective way to promote your offers by using traffic packages that work for you.

“Only time can tell what happens next usually, but only traffic can tell you how much money you can make.”

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. They developed a viral traffic platform with many nuanced offerings to get eyeballs on your offers faster. Below are benefits you can receive from package choices.

Traffic Package Benefits

  1. Text Ads

  2. Banner Ads

  3. Email Marketing/Solo ads

  4. A Public Profile Page

  5. A personal blog where you can post your own unique content

  6. Our AdBoard Directory

  7. Search Engine traffic/all content is public

As a free member you have access to a free package which includes a personal profile, personal blog and Ad board directory posts. Check chart below for all packages ranging from $0-$147 being the highest package you can receive at this time.

Note: All traffic packages are one-time purchases, not monthly so once you purchase you can keep using forever and ever!

I'm ready to sign up >>>

How it works:

Once your already signed up and ready to start you automatically have access to your account and is ready for use. packages vary level to level depending on what features you would like incorporated with it.

How you make money as affiliate:

LeasedAdSpace now uses a very straightforward commissions structure. If you refer a customer, and they make a purchase... you get a commission. Simple and elegant. No complex matrix to understand, no binary trees, no cycling, and definitely no complex instructions on how to receive your money. Your referrals are your referrals forever!!! Anything they buy, regardless of whether you own the product they are purchasing... regardless if you own a LeasedAdSpace product at all...

This affiliate program is not a multi-level (MLM) compensation program, nor is it any kind of investment program. If your direct referrals make purchases, you receive a commission. If your direct referrals don't purchase, you won't. But don't sweat it. Their developing TONS of awesome instructional content and "how-to" information to make you successful. Depending on which package you have is how much your commission payouts will be.

By the way - payouts are once a month and you need a minimum of $25 to cashout which isn't hard to make at all with this easy system.

Quick Video Tour:

Overall I think so far as getting traffic to your offers this is clearly a "NO BRAINER". We all know how expensive buying traffic can be well after looking at the chart above it's clear that this program offers more than most for less than half the price. Thank me later! lol.

Click here to start for free >>>

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