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watch youtube and earn bitcoin...

Updated: Feb 12

One of the most exciting things to hit the internet is now here!

Welcome back to Laptop Lifestyle Blog and do I have a treat for you...

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Now you can simply watch Youtube videos and earn bitcoin daily. When I first saw this I didn't really take a look at it for the first 2 weeks but after seeing it all over the internet naturally it was only right that I take a closer look.

Watch how I Withdraw $50 and buy "Ad Packs" to earn money:

Very simple module... You just simply view Youtube videos and get paid for your views. But, the best part about all of this is, you can also list your own personal or business content on the platform as well and now you have a 2 in 1 deal. Meaning you can make passive income by watching videos and you can put your own videos up for others to watch so you too can get views to your videos which can then boost your Youtube channel overall.


Hands down the quickest way to get money daily is to share this platform with others. It's a true win, win the reason why I say this is... The more you invite people to this program and the more people use it then the longer this system will be around for all of us to make money with. Plus, you receive 10% commissions for your referral efforts when they buy "Ad Packs" or Upgrade their membership. Such a beautiful system!

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Cost of Ad Pack:


Get Your YouTube Videos Boosted and Share The Revenue! Accumulate Adpack Shares to get Paid Videos. Receive up to $21.00 in BTC for every Paid Video Ad you watched. The more Adpack Shares you have, the higher value Paid Video Ads you'll get! Adpacks expire at 120% for Standard members, 135% for Premium members.

Example of "Ad Pack" Shares:

As you can see from the chart above this program can be quit lucrative and that's without having to recruit anyone at all. So, imagine how quick you can get to $5, $10 and $20 a day...! What in the world are you waiting for? signup for your FREE account and start watching Youtube.

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